Dog Braces Help Your Dog Play Sooner.

Finding an alternative to surgery doesn't have to be painful. Hero Braces provide the stability you need to get back to life.

Dogs paw #HeroBraces Human brace designs adapted to your dog's unique way of walking
Beating heart #HelpTheRest Age, health, financial. The reality is not all dogs can have surgery
Puppy #PlaySooner How old is your dog? dog years? No time to waste in a dog's life

Ever tried to crate your dog?

How long did you last? You cannot reason with a dog that just wants to chase squirrels.

You can help your dog without locking her in a crate. Your dog can go for a walk as soon as the brace is fit.

ACL Tear?

A dog leg brace is the preferred treatment for dogs that cannot have surgery.

90% of what we do is brace knees, we focus on being the best at it!

Our unique design gives your friend the best chance to smile

The only dog brace made exclusively to last the life of your dog

Dog standing on log and wearing ACL brace

Dogs play and play hard.

You should not have to worry about stretching and tearing a fabric brace.

The lightweight design of the Hero Brace gives you both durabilty and the sleek design needed to fly!

Dog standing on a log and wearing an ACL brace

Big Or Small, We Brace Them All

Great Dane and Chihuahua sitting next to each other

Big Or Small, We Brace Them All

If you were to tear your ACL, you would choose from 14 different sizes of human knee braces.

There are over 200 breeds of dogs. You would have to have hundreds of dog brace sizes to be successful.

That is why Hero Braces are custom made to each dog!

A personal story from our Founder and CEO

Ben Blecha sitting on slide with son, daughter, and dog

When I was diagnosed with bone cancer at 16, I wanted to make a day trip to Omaha, have my treatment, and return to track practice. My journey was much different.

If you are here, something bad has happened to your family member. Likely you have been told surgery is the best answer. Crating is the other. Both take time and work.

You have found bracing and have the hope that it is the magic fix. Although we have had some fabulous outcomes, there is still hard work, adjustments, and therapy ahead, all of which make dog braces successful.

As an amputee, I still put on my leg every morning before I get up to use the restroom. Sometimes I get frustrated and have to adjust my leg. AND yet I still live a full and wonderful life.

IF you are prepared for this journey, we want to help you succeed!

-Ben Blecha

Ben Blecha sitting on slide with son, daughter, and dog

Who will be helping your dog play again?

Who will be helping your dog play again?

PBS traveled out to Nebraska to share the story of our founder and the Hero Brace team.

Hero Braces was the first feature in this episode of "What If?."

Let's get started
"Shortly after Bohdi started wearing her Hero Brace, she got her "silly" back and is thoroughly enjoying her golden years!" -- Bill P. Carmel, California
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